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Шампунь с имбирем белис

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Last updated 05:00, September 10 2015

Reporter Charlotte Bellis on location in the Solomon Islands.


Reporter Charlotte Bellis on location in the Solomon Islands.

60 Minutes reporter Charlotte Bellis needs to be camera-ready from any location. We check out the MVPs (most valuable products) in her arsenal.


Historically I've been a bit haphazard; whatever I came across first in the bathroom became my skincare routine. Now I try to be more organised (maturing perhaps?) so use a Clarisonic cleansing brush and then makeup remover for eyes, a toner on the T-zone and then eye cream at night and lastly day or night cream. My favourite night cream is Kiehl's Super Multi-Corrective Cream.

My favourite sunscreen is one I don't know I'm using. A sunscreen that's already in a foundation or a tinted moisturiser is a winner with me. Wearing sunscreen was always one more thing to remember in the morning until I started choosing products that already had it in. I've spent the New Zealand winter in New York where it's been a toasty 30+ degrees most days and I've been living in Kiehl's Dermatologist Solutions Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream. I've been trying out Kiehl's products for a few years now and this is something I re-order every time I get close to running out. It's not too heavy but has good coverage and SPF50 sunscreen built in.

I think the secrets to good skin are a combination of hydration and staying out of the sun. I know it's a fairly repetitive message but I recommend it only after spending years in the sun and never drinking enough water. I regret it now and am playing catch up.


My mum always took great pride in her appearance. I hardly ever saw her leave the house without her hair done and lippy on. She probably sowed the seed but I didn't get into makeup until I was probably 16 and started going to school balls. I was more of a sporty tomboy so I took the time to get done up only if it was a special occasion.

MAC makeup is used a lot in television so I've just ended up sticking with the brand for eyeshadows, blush, bronzers etc. As far as mascara goes, if I'm feeling generous I'll get the Dior's Diorshow Black Out but Maybelline's Great Lash mascara never fails. I've been buying that for 15 years; it's still amazing and about the price of two coffees.

I'm one of those 'over the top prepared' females when it comes to handbags. Beyond Panadol, eye drops, sticking plasters and safety pins I always have a mini-mascara, lipgloss and concealer in my handbag. If it's summer maybe MAC's blot powder.


I use a purple shampoo to keep my hair from going brassy and invest in a really good conditioner. If I can, I try to stay away from grocery store shampoo and conditioners. I never used to pay much attention to my hair but then I invested in some quality salon shampoo and conditioners and noticed such a difference that I'm sticking with it. It's a worthwhile investment.

My favourite salon? That's easy – Stephen Marr in Ponsonby. I used to go there to get my hair blow waved for presenting at Sky News so I'd end up there at least once a week. I love the staff there (I'd call them friends now) and the décor makes you feel like you're really treating yourself. My hairdresser Tony was always looking out for the condition of my hair but also encouraging me to experiment with slight tweaks on my cut and colour. It was fun and I always felt like I could take on the world when I left.

I'm quite lucky that my hair is pretty manageable. There are no big problems and it dries straight so I usually just leave it to dry without heat to help protect it. I never use hot tools outside of work but if I'm presenting or reporting I use a straightener.


I think natural polish colours are so much easier. Bright, stand out colours or interesting hues get noticed a lot but as soon as they chip it's just annoying to touch up. Maybe I'm just too mellow but at the moment I just paint on a nail hardener to keep them tidy and shiny.


My first perfume was Romance by Ralph Lauren. I was a teenager and I think I just liked the idea of romance and if I had perfume with the same name, well maybe I'd get a boyfriend or something. It was logical for a 14-year-old. These days I wear Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb.

I hardly ever use body lotions but when I do I use Kiehl's Crème de Corps. The main things I look for in a body lotion are does it smell good and does it absorb quickly? It's the worst when you're in a rush in the morning and you've got to wait for the moisturiser to sink in. Or for that matter if you exercise and you just sweat it straight back out again and get extra sweaty. Perhaps that's too much information?


In the past I've had facials and massages occasionally but not a hell of a lot lately. Probably just making sure I have a really solid night cream is a treat because you can tell the difference in the morning.

I think most people would say shelter your face from all the pollutants it faces, avoid stress or sleep a lot. But my philosophy would be that your body is just there to get you around while you live life to the fullest. Life isn't worth missing out on just to save your face from a few wrinkles down the line. I think it's just about minimising as much of the damage as you can with sunscreens, a thorough skincare routine and the occasional booster with a facial.

For travelling, always pack eye drops, a face mist and moisturiser. Also flag wearing makeup – get on the plane with a clean face because you don't want your foundation just sitting there for the next 24 hours clogging everything up for when you arrive on holiday.

The one product I can't live without is tinted moisturiser because it's a one-stop shop – combining sunscreen and decent coverage – you can slap it on as you run out of the house.

My best beauty quick fix is a decent exfoliator - I know it's probably not that quick of a fix but I've always thought of having a good exfoliator as hitting the reset button. You get out of the shower and all of a sudden you're glowing. Throw on a hot facecloth for some steam and a quality night cream before bed – boom.

A beauty mistake from my past was not blending properly. I never actually thought about the fact you should blend your foundation down around your chin line and make sure your neck wasn't a completely different shade of brown or white. For years I just put it on my face, walked away and then realised I had a white neck and a brown face. I wish someone had hinted about it 10 years ago. Oh and on that note, too many fake tans. I was orange for most of my teenage years.

If I could wave a magic wand, I'd fix regrowth - ugh. I tried to go dark earlier this year just to avoid it but hey, blondes have more fun right? I think a beauty product that would make a killing would be some type of shampoo that fixes regrowth permanently. Imagine something that tricks your hair into growing the colour you have just dyed it.

As told to Melissa Williams-King.

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